Villa Marta is an architectural project by Gi Elle Immobiliare, Faenza, a response to the current and – in line with forecasts – future growth in the market for Senior Housing and Assisted Living structures in Italy.

MEC&Partners has worked on the entire strategic development process for the design, starting from research on technical and economic feasibility and place branding, right through to communications, with the production of coordinated image material and enhancing investor relations.

As shown by the latest market research, the Healthcare & Senior Housing sector reveals notable potential for growth. From now until 2050, the user base in the Emilia-Romagna region will see a 55% increase in the population of people aged from 65 to 79, and an increase of 360,000 in the over-80 population.

Together with the Architecture Studio ZPZ Partner, MEC Real Estate has coordinated the design of Villa Marta, from the point of view both of the definition of its functions and the respective floor areas, in compliance with city planning standards. The resulting structure has 3 floors from ground level up, for a total of 7,750 square metres gross floor area, and the availability of 220 beds, of which 140 for self-sufficient people in the Senior Housing area and 80 for non-self-sufficient individuals in the Assisted Living area. Therefore, the services and spaces have been “designed” according to the target’s needs and expectations, and this gives Villa Marta an exclusive positioning when compared to its competitors, because it is totally compliant with the requirements of its guests, even though these may not be explicitly expressed.

MEC&Partners also curated the promotional activities for the project amongst potential foreign investors, by means of scouting activities and detailed research on supply and potential demand both from Italy and other countries.

Villa Marta is not presented simply as a property development project, but it becomes a brand in itself. It represents a new format in terms of a series of services for the physical well-being of its guests, but it is also a community capable of giving its members a peaceful, pleasant, active life, in constant contact with other individuals. MEC&Partners has expressed this concept in the Design Book with clean, clear graphic design, focusing on data and services, illustrated with realistic renderings.

Relations with entities from the world of architecture and awareness of the foreign investors’ expectations made it possible to enhance the designer’s concept developed for the client, by commissioning photographically-realistic renderings from the ZPZ Partners studio. Brightly-lit, easily-accessible interiors with eco-friendly characteristics, and exteriors hallmarked by functional and organic building principles, are described with all the evocative power that only images are capable of providing.

Villa Marta therefore represents a clear example of “integrated design” optimally expressed by MEC’s authoritative expertise in the property sector.