Professional Skill and Expertise

We offer a wide range of property consultancy services, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of local and foreign markets, the specialist expertise and experience of our staff professionals, and our service-oriented approach.

Market Analysis

Accurate market analysis is a fundamental tool for attaining important goals and appreciable profits. For this reason, MEC Real Estate performs the analytical study of the social and economic context, analysing current trends and assessing the competition. This helps build an awareness of the available opportunities and the risk factors involved, and makes it possible to forecast market development and the possible future scenarios, anticipating changes and channelling business activities into areas of evolution and growth.

Feasibility & Budgeting

Feasibility studies are valuable tools, fundamental for calculating the profitability of investments and to direct the future investment management policies. Mec Real Estate accompanies its clients through the design process starting from this phase, identifying points of strength and weakness, and developing an in-depth analysis of all the possible solutions and their probability of success.

Asset Valorization

Knowledge is essential for value enhancement. For this reason, any process of value enhancement begins with a detailed study of the property’s technical specifications, in other words its real value and its potential in its respective context. According to the possible scenarios of potential demand and the needs in the geographical area, MEC Real Estate defines strategies for the enhancement of asset value and efficiency, and for the regeneration of property assets with the objective of creating value and generating profit.

Advisory Services

As a result of its detailed knowledge of the geographical area and the dynamics of the property market, MEC Real Estate offers guidance for property investors and fund managers on the Italian market, presenting the opportunities and potential that the country offers and providing assistance in the decision-making processes and procedures involved in the entire investment cycle. In this way, advisory services acquire fundamental importance in attracting foreign investment, increasing the Italian property market’s competitivity and its positioning with regard to international competitors.

Real Estate Marketing

Today, real estate marketing is not concerned exclusively with the product: it is focused on clients and their requests, increasingly adopting a process of differentiating the offer in order to better intercept the needs within the respective target, exploiting the geographical area’s natural vocation. This is a new way of approaching the market, implying the adoption of complex models of engagement and communication. Benefiting from its multi-disciplinary expertise, Mec Real Estate promotes property assets in complex sectors by applying a strategic, structured approach, with a specific focus on Senior Housing & Assisted Living structures, Student Housing, Hospitality, and Logistics.

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